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what is article framing

Date : 13-03-2023

Article framing refers to the way in which information is presented in a news article or other media piece. Framing can influence how readers or viewers understand and interpret the information presented.

The term "framing" refers to the way in which a story is presented, including the language used, the tone of the article, and the way in which the information is organized. The way in which a story is framed can influence the reader's perception of the issue being discussed.

For example, an article that frames an event as a tragedy may elicit more sympathy from readers, while an article that frames the same event as a crime may elicit a stronger call for justice. Similarly, an article that frames a political issue from a particular perspective may influence readers' opinions on that issue.

Article framing is an important consideration for journalists, editors, and other media professionals because it can shape public opinion and influence policy decisions. As such, media professionals must strive to present information in a fair and unbiased manner, avoiding the use of framing that is misleading or manipulative.