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what is article 9 training

Date : 13-03-2023

Article 9 training typically refers to training programs designed to educate individuals or groups about the principles and requirements of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution. Article 9 is a clause in Japan's post-World War II constitution that renounces war and prohibits Japan from maintaining military forces.

Article 9 training may include topics such as the history and significance of Article 9, Japan's self-defense policy, international peacekeeping operations, and the role of the military in Japan's society. It may also cover the legal framework governing Japan's defense policy, including the various laws and regulations that apply to the country's military forces.

The training is often provided to government officials, military personnel, educators, and members of civil society who are interested in promoting peace and security in Japan and the broader international community. It is intended to help participants gain a deeper understanding of Japan's defense policy and the role that they can play in promoting peace and stability both within Japan and abroad.