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what is article 5 meme

Date : 06-03-2023

The "Article 5 meme" refers to a popular internet meme that originated in 2019. It takes its name from Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which states that an attack against one member of the alliance is considered an attack against all members, and that each member will take measures necessary to assist the attacked member.

The meme typically consists of a photo or image of a person or group of people accompanied by the caption "This is Article 5 of the NATO treaty. It means an attack against one is an attack against all. We stand together." The meme is often used to express solidarity in the face of adversity, or to support a cause or idea.

The Article 5 meme gained popularity in the aftermath of the 2019 mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, as a way for people to express their support for the victims and their communities. It has since been used in a variety of contexts, including during the COVID-19 pandemic, to express support for frontline workers and others affected by the crisis.