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what is aachen article

Date : 06-03-2023

The Aachen article refers to an agreement signed on January 22, 2019, by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the German city of Aachen. The agreement, also known as the Treaty of Aachen, aims to deepen the cooperation and integration between France and Germany in various areas, including defense, foreign policy, and economy.

The Aachen article comprises 28 articles that outline specific measures and goals for the Franco-German partnership. Some of the key provisions include the creation of a joint Franco-German economic and financial council, increased cooperation in the field of defense, the promotion of cross-border mobility and education, and the establishment of joint cultural and scientific initiatives.

The Aachen article is significant because it represents a renewed commitment by France and Germany to work together to strengthen the European Union. The agreement builds on the Elysee Treaty of 1963, which established the framework for Franco-German cooperation and reconciliation after World War II.