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what is a feis

Date : 22-02-2023

A feis (pronounced "fesh") is a traditional Irish cultural event that typically involves competitions in various categories of Irish traditional music, dance, and language. The word "feis" comes from the Irish language and means "festival" or "feast".Feiseanna (plural of feis) are often held in cities and towns with large Irish populations around the world, and they provide an opportunity for participants to showcase their skills, meet others who share their interests, and learn from experienced instructors.In a typical feis, there are competitions in various age groups and skill levels for solo and group performances of Irish music, singing, and dance. The competitions are judged by experts in the various disciplines, and winners may be awarded medals, trophies, or other prizes. Feiseanna may also include workshops, lectures, and other cultural events, such as traditional Irish language lessons, history talks, and exhibitions of Irish art and crafts.