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what is 13th stepping

Date : 22-02-2023

"13th stepping" is a term used in some 12-step recovery programs, particularly Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), to refer to a situation where someone with more experience in the program (often an older member) pursues a romantic or sexual relationship with a newer member who is less experienced in the program.This behavior is generally considered inappropriate and potentially harmful because it can exploit the vulnerability of someone who is new to recovery and looking for guidance and support. It can also create an unhealthy power dynamic in the relationship, with the more experienced member potentially exerting undue influence over the newer member's recovery.The term "13th stepping" is derived from the fact that AA has twelve steps, and pursuing a romantic relationship with a newcomer is seen as stepping outside those steps. Many 12-step groups have guidelines in place to discourage and address this type of behavior, and members are encouraged to prioritize their sobriety and recovery over any romantic relationships.