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what happened to jlullaby

Date : 22-02-2023

Jlullaby is an artist who has produced a significant amount of fan art and original art, primarily in the genre of erotic horror. However, it's unclear what has happened to jlullaby in recent times.In 2019, jlullaby made a statement on Twitter indicating that they were going to take a break from social media and art in general. The statement did not indicate any specific reason for the break, but it was clear that the artist needed some time away from their work. Since then, there has been little news or activity from jlullaby on their social media accounts or other online platforms.It's important to note that, like many online artists, jlullaby may have chosen to retire from creating art or may be focusing on other projects outside of the public eye. Without any official statements or updates from the artist, it's difficult to say for certain what has happened to jlullaby.