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shrewd definition bible

Date : 28-02-2023

The word "shrewd" appears several times in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament. In the Bible, the term "shrewd" often refers to being wise or having practical intelligence. It can also mean being cunning, astute, or clever in a way that allows one to navigate difficult situations successfully.

For example, in the book of Proverbs, it says, "The wise in heart are called discerning, and gracious words promote instruction" (Proverbs 16:21, NIV). This verse implies that those who are shrewd or wise in heart are also discerning, meaning they have the ability to make good judgments and wise decisions.

In the New Testament, Jesus praised a dishonest manager for his shrewdness in managing his master's affairs, saying, "For the sons of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own generation than the sons of light" (Luke 16:8, ESV).

Overall, the Bible's definition of "shrewd" encompasses both wisdom and practical intelligence, as well as the ability to navigate difficult situations with astuteness and cleverness.