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how to reset f150 radio

Date : 23-02-2023

To reset the radio in a Ford F-150, you can try the following steps:

  1. Turn on the ignition: Start your Ford F-150 and turn on the ignition. The radio should turn on automatically.

  2. Locate the radio power button: On the radio display, look for the power button. Press and hold it for a few seconds until the radio turns off.

  3. Disconnect the battery: Locate the negative battery cable, which should be black and attached to the battery. Use a wrench or pliers to loosen the cable's bolt and remove it from the battery terminal. Wait for about 10-15 minutes.

  4. Reconnect the battery: Reattach the negative battery cable to the battery terminal and tighten the bolt. The radio should reset and turn back on.

  5. Enter radio code (if applicable): If your radio requires a security code to function, you may need to enter it after resetting the radio. Check your owner's manual or contact a Ford dealer for assistance.

Note: Resetting the radio will erase any saved settings, including radio station presets, so you may need to set these again after resetting the radio.