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how to remove buffer tube

Date : 23-02-2023

The process for removing a buffer tube can vary depending on the specific type of buffer tube and firearm you are working with. However, here are some general steps that may be helpful:

  1. Ensure the firearm is unloaded and all ammunition is removed from the area.

  2. Remove the stock or grip from the firearm, if necessary.

  3. If the buffer tube is attached to the receiver with a castle nut, use an armorers wrench to loosen the castle nut by turning it counterclockwise. If the buffer tube is a fixed A2-style tube, skip to step 6.

  4. Once the castle nut is loose, unscrew the buffer tube from the receiver by turning it counterclockwise. It may be necessary to use a buffer tube wrench to do this, depending on the specific type of buffer tube.

  5. Once the buffer tube is removed, the buffer and spring will be exposed. These can also be removed if needed.

  6. If you have an A2-style buffer tube, use a punch or similar tool to push out the buffer retaining pin, which is located in a hole on the buffer tube.

  7. Once the buffer retaining pin is removed, the buffer and spring can be removed from the buffer tube.

Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for your specific firearm and buffer tube, and if you are not comfortable with the process, seek the help of a professional gunsmith.