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how to calculate ppto walmart

Date : 23-02-2023

To calculate PPTO (Protected Paid Time Off) at Walmart, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your PPTO accrual rate: Walmart associates accrue PPTO based on their length of service and job classification. You can find your PPTO accrual rate on the GTA Portal (Walmart's employee website) or by speaking to your manager.

  2. Check your PPTO balance: You can check your PPTO balance on the GTA Portal or on the Even app.

  3. Calculate how much PPTO you will earn for a given pay period: Multiply your PPTO accrual rate by the number of hours you worked during the pay period. For example, if your PPTO accrual rate is 1 hour per 30 hours worked and you worked 80 hours during the pay period, you would earn 2.67 hours of PPTO (80/30=2.67).

  4. Calculate how much PPTO you can use: The amount of PPTO you can use is determined by your available balance. You can use PPTO to cover time off for illness, injury, or certain other personal reasons.

  5. Record your PPTO usage: Make sure to record any PPTO you use in the GTA Portal or on the Even app.

It's important to note that PPTO does not rollover from year to year, so be sure to use it before it expires. Additionally, PPTO may not be available in all states or for all job classifications, so be sure to check with your manager or HR representative if you have any questions.