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how messy is window replacement

Date : 23-02-2023

Window replacement can vary in messiness depending on the specific circumstances of the installation. In general, window replacement can be a messy process that involves dust, debris, and potentially some minor damage to the surrounding areas.

During the installation process, the old window frame will be removed, which can create some dust and debris. The installers may also need to use tools such as saws or drills to remove the old frame, which can generate additional dust and debris.

The level of messiness can also depend on the type of window being installed. For example, if the new window is significantly larger than the old one, it may require cutting into the surrounding walls, which can create more dust and debris.

To minimize messiness during a window replacement, the installers may take certain precautions such as using tarps or drop cloths to protect the surrounding areas and cleaning up any debris as they work.

In general, window replacement is a significant home renovation project that can be messy, but it is usually worth the effort as it can improve the energy efficiency and appearance of your home.