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globalization apush definition

Date : 26-02-2023

In the context of APUSH (Advanced Placement United States History), globalization can be defined as the process of increasing interconnectedness and interdependence among people, businesses, and nations around the world. This process has been driven by advances in technology, transportation, communication, and trade, and has had significant impacts on economic, political, and cultural developments both within the United States and globally.

In the United States, globalization has been closely linked with the growth of multinational corporations, the expansion of free trade agreements, and the increasing role of international organizations such as the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund. These developments have led to increased economic competition and the outsourcing of jobs to countries with lower labor costs, but have also facilitated the spread of ideas, culture, and technology across borders.

In the context of APUSH, globalization is often studied in relation to key events and trends such as the rise of the global economy in the late 20th century, the impact of international trade on American industries and workers, and the effects of globalization on cultural and political movements around the world.