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definition of reentry

Date : 26-02-2023

Reentry refers to the act of returning to a place or situation that one has previously left, often after an absence or a period of time away.

The term can have different meanings in various contexts. In spaceflight, reentry refers to the process of a spacecraft returning to Earth's atmosphere from space. During reentry, the spacecraft must endure high temperatures and pressures as it decelerates from orbital velocity to landing speed.

In the context of criminal justice, reentry refers to the process of reintegrating individuals who have been incarcerated back into society. This process often involves providing education, job training, and other forms of support to help individuals successfully transition back to their communities and avoid recidivism.

In general, reentry can refer to any situation where someone returns to a place or situation that they had previously left, such as returning to work after a vacation, returning to a hometown after living elsewhere, or returning to a hobby after a hiatus.