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definition of hoonigan

Date : 27-02-2023

The term "hoonigan" is a combination of the words "hooligan" and "hoon," and it generally refers to a person who engages in reckless and dangerous driving behavior, often in a high-performance vehicle. Hoonigans are typically associated with street racing, drifting, burnouts, and other forms of automotive stunts that can be both illegal and unsafe.

The term "hoonigan" was popularized by the Hoonigan brand, which is a clothing and lifestyle company that was started by professional rally driver Ken Block. The brand is centered around the idea of embracing a love of cars and motorsports, but doing so in a responsible and safe way. While hoonigan culture is often associated with a certain degree of rebellion and risk-taking, the Hoonigan brand promotes a more positive and inclusive message that encourages people to pursue their passion for cars in a safe and respectful manner.