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definition of distractor

Date : 26-02-2023

In general, a distractor refers to something that diverts attention away from a target or goal. In specific contexts, the term can have different meanings:

  1. In cognitive psychology and educational testing, a distractor refers to an incorrect response option or item that is included in a multiple-choice test or questionnaire to make the task more challenging. The goal of a distractor is to attract the attention of test-takers who do not know the correct answer and to make them more likely to choose the wrong option.

  2. In medicine, a distractor can refer to a medical condition or symptom that is unrelated to the primary health problem being treated. A distractor can complicate the diagnosis and treatment process by mimicking the symptoms of the primary health problem or by distracting medical professionals from the true cause of the patient's symptoms.

  3. In manufacturing, a distractor can refer to an element of a product or process that reduces efficiency or productivity by diverting resources, time, or attention away from the primary task or goal. Examples of distractors in manufacturing can include unnecessary production steps, inefficient equipment, or poor workplace layout.