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definition of defilade

Date : 26-02-2023

Defilade is a military term that refers to a tactical positioning of troops, vehicles, or structures in such a way as to protect them from direct enemy fire by taking advantage of the natural terrain or man-made obstacles.

In defilade, soldiers or vehicles are positioned in a way that they are shielded from enemy fire, either by hiding behind a hill, wall, or other natural or artificial cover, or by positioning themselves on the reverse slope of a hill. This positioning helps to conceal them from the enemy's line of sight, making it difficult for the enemy to aim and fire accurately.

Defilade is a crucial tactic in modern warfare, as it allows soldiers to take cover and engage the enemy with greater safety and efficiency. Defilade positions can also be used to gain an advantageous firing position, allowing soldiers to fire upon the enemy while remaining relatively safe from harm.