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custer definition

Date : 26-02-2023

There are a few possible meanings for the word "custer", but it is likely that you meant "cluster". Here are a few definitions of "cluster":

  1. A group of things or people that are close together or grouped in a specific way. Example: There was a cluster of trees at the edge of the field.

  2. A group of similar things or individuals that are grouped together because they share a common characteristic or are related in some way. Example: The jewelry store had a cluster of diamond rings in the display case.

  3. In computing, a cluster refers to a group of computers that work together to perform a specific task or set of tasks. Example: The data center was made up of multiple clusters of servers.

  4. In astronomy, a cluster refers to a group of stars or galaxies that are held together by gravity. Example: The Pleiades is a famous star cluster visible in the night sky.

I hope this helps clarify the meaning of "cluster" for you!